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The core of every community is the people. Teikums is defined by the people who work here – passionate business people who value their time, are always searching for effective and creative solutions, are open and friendly and open for cooperation and conversation.



Everybody can find something for themselves in the active Teikums community life. We organize boating trips and hikes in the summer and indoor yoga in the winter for the active members of our community. It is a regular occurance that one of our community members organizes a free-of-charge lecture on a topic that they feel passionately about. Our monthly brunch where one or several companies join forces to make a meal for the coworking is a hit every single time.

And, of course the parties. We like to let loose in Teikums and, while our community is goal-oriented, given the chance, we will keep the party going until the late night and beyond.


We are here to make your every-day life easier so that you can focus on growing your business and having fun while doing it. Teikums team organises community events, takes care of the workspaces and communal areas, helps with various questions and does all of this with a positive attitude and smile on our faces.


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If you wish to visit Teikums or ask us a question, write here